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12 Automated Touches to Own Your Farm

Assuming the average house price of $250k & your commission is 2%, our agents normally see a 10x ROI. Agents close on average 1 out of 100 homes they mail to each year. Mail 1000 cards a month sell 10 homes per year. (Images & words for examples you can change)

1. January

Focus on the new year, relate to their goals for the year.


2. February

Relate to 80% of your farm by touching on the Super Bowl.


3. March

St. Patricks day is all about green, so is selling your house & making money.


4. April

Relate to homeowners about Easter with some fun.


5. May

Women tend to be the decision maker on a home purchase, make sure her day is celebrated.


6. June

Schools out! Time for backyard fun, is your's ready!


7. July

Celebrate America's birthday, home ownership is an American tradition.


8. August

Happy National Smores Day!. Does your backyard need smore work? Why not trade up.


9. September

Kids are going back to school, make sure your practice bus safety!


10. October

Happy Halloween! Is your home looking a little spooky? Time to sell?


11. November

Thanksgiving is a great time to entertain guest, as your house ready?


12. December

Happy Holidays! Neighbors like you is what makes our neighborhood special.


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Frequently asked questions

Some of our most commonly asking questions.

Why are you so cheap?

Our print network sends millions of postcards a month giving us the lowest possible postage & card printing cost.

Where are your print shops located?

We have dozens of locations all though out the USA & Canada. When you place an order we try and route that order the closest printer possible.

Do you do more than postcards?

Nope, just 4x6 programmatic postcards. Our goal is to do 1 thing and do it as good as possible.

Can you help me with design & wording?

Sure! If you get our $49/mo plan we will help you design whatever you need, help build some compelling messages & even help you set up Zapier to send cards automatically.

Are my orders tracked?

Yes we are able to track your postcard delivery to the nearest USPS sorting center. This usually means the cards are 1 day from hitting their actual mailbox.