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Zapier Integrations

Handwriting Styles

We have 12 custom built handwriting styles that mimic a real human hand. Our system changes pen pressure, angle, height and character glyphs. When paired with a 'postcard' looking front image our cards get a MUCH higher engagement than traditional postcards.


Upload your Excel File/CSV

If you have a list of addresses and want to upload it to our system, we got your covered. Just upload, match columns & you will be sending to your list in under 5 minutes.

Build a FREE List from our Map

We have a database of MILLIONS of US/Canadian addresses that you can send to FREE. Just draw on the map, and bingo you got your free list!


Buy a Targeted Listed

If you need more targeted data, such as women that make over 100k within one mile of an address we have you covered. Just use our paid list builder to build both residential & business mailing lists. Business addresses now comes with email addresses FREE!

Use our API to Send in your own SAAS.

Harness the full power of the system for your own making. API calls are priced at $.49/postcard. Send 1, send 1,000,000, get the same great pricing.
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Online Advertising is Expensive

Send Disruptive Postcards for as Low as 49¢

Due to mobile browsers, online ads have become way less effective. Postcards have a 100% open rate. Think about it.

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Frequently asked questions

Some of our most commonly asking questions.

Why are you so cheap?

Our print network sends millions of postcards a month giving us the lowest possible postage & card printing cost.

Can I send manually?

Yes you can manually send postcards via our dashboard.

How do you help offset your carbon footprint with all these cards?

Each month, we aim to plant significantly more trees than we used to mail. This has resulted in almost 60k trees being planted so far.

Where are your print shops located?

We have dozens of locations all though out the USA & Canada. When you place an order we try and route that order the closest printer possible.

Do you do more than postcards?

Nope, just 4x6 and 6x9 programmatic postcards. Our goal is to do 1 thing and do it as good as possible.

Can you help me with design & wording?

Sure! If you get our $49/mo plan we will help you design whatever you need, help build some compelling messages & even help you set up Zapier to send cards automatically.

Are my orders tracked?

Yes we are able to track your postcard delivery to the nearest USPS sorting center. This usually means the cards are 1 day from hitting their actual mailbox.

Do you send outside of the USA?