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Automated Handwritten Postcard API

Our automated postcard system is designed to send real 6"x4" USPS postcards with the ease of sending an email. Upload your list, build a free list from our North American database or hook up your CRM to send automatically!

  • - Instant Printing, 2-3 Day Delivery
  • - United States + Canada Coverage
  • - Handwriting Simulation Engine
  • - Email/Push Delivery Notifications
  • - Zapier + JS API, Whitelabel
  • - Automated Birthday Cards
  • - Handy Chrome Extension
Sample Thanks.io Postcard
  • Sample Thanks.io Postcard

Cheaper than a Google© or Facebook© click!

Five years ago print was too expensive & digital marketing was a steal. Now that everyone figured how how the interweb works, things have flip flopped. Most people are seeing clicks well north of $1, with sign up rates lower and lower due to mobile browser adoption. At just 89 cents a postcard you'll get more attention for your product or service, while adding that personal, disruptive, conversion boosting touch people didn't see coming. Print's not dead! Viva la Postcard!

We have four main ways to send cards.

Our APIs let you to send cards with ease.

We have both a full Zapier API implementation & a custom Javascript embed for your website or CRM.

Our Zap allows you to send a new postcard whenever you receive a new contact or lead in your current software system. Have a new sale in Shopify & want to send a thank you card? Generate a new lead in Salesforce & want to make that personal touch? To access or Zap please click here

Chrome Extension
Our Chrome Extension finds any addresses on ANY website. It allows for easy one click sending as well as list building. This is great for lead farming & follow up. Our Chrome Extension also sends push notifications of postcard delivery. To download please click here.

Javascript API
We build a custom javascript API just for larger system providers that want to offer the ability to send postcards within their ecosystem. With just a few lines of code you can have a map search with the ability to send cards, just like the example below. You can also directly link addresses in your CRM/website to build a card via hyperlinks.

Image to Graphic Editor
Add a quick link to any images to load that image into our graphics editor.

Address Example Code
Load any address from your Saas into our card builder with one click.

Try it: 4 Hidden Meadow, Warwick NY

Map Embed Code
Easily add a searchable map to your application to draw boundaries & build a mailing list.