Direct Mail Sent Digitally

Send handwritten postcards & letters for as low as 49c including shipping.

Is Our Handwriting Real?

Humans do not write our postcards. Think about all the carpel tunnel surgeries we are preventing. Furthermore, for 49c we would have to own an illegal sweatshop to pull this off. We do however utilize the next best thing...a hybrid font/AI system that starts with twelve custom handwritten fonts that are directly modeled off real handwriting. We took that a step further by altering the pen pressure, line angle, & glyphs to truly fool even the most cunning observer. Try it below!

Digital + Print Marketing

Send cards that look like your ads to your geofence for an increased lift+response. You don't need to compete for screen space!

Email to Direct Mail

Queue your email followups to send after triggering a postcard so that they arrive at around the same time for the best possible response rate.


Automatically welcome people with a handwritten note to your brand and business when they sign up or purchase.

Political/Charity Donations

Insert variables into handwirtten letters to thank people for their donations automatically with a custom letterhead.

Professional Thanks

Close your next deal with a handwirtten postcard thanking them for an excellent meeting or business lunch.

Post Purchase Upsell

Automatically send mail after a purchase pushing customer into another product.

Generate More Reviews

Automatically request online reviews of purchased products from any e-comm platform.

Local Announcements

Easily reach entire local communities with custom handwritten postcards. Announce new products, menus, inventory, etc.


Automatically send handwritten cards to your entire sphere on holidays, or on their birthdays!

Using Software

Mailing Lists Galore

Upload your own list, sync your list with Zapier, purchase advanced demographic lists, search our FREE map by polygon, scrap them off any website using our Chrome Extension or just enter them individually.

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Using Software

Automation Saves the Day

Use our campaigns to automatically send postcards/letters on specific days, holidays, or even a set number of days after added to a list.

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Using Software

Direct Mail Retargeting

We can automatically find the addresses of some of your website visitors around (30%) & automatically mail them a card or a letter.

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We Offer Two Packages

Choose either wholesale or FREE plan. The FREE plan has no monthly fee, however the wholesale plan gives you industry leading pricing for for just $49/mo, including 100 FREE credits just for signing up. We also have international pricing covering the entire world.

4x6 Postcards

49¢ /w postage

Why Wholesale?

6x9 Postcards

89¢ /w postage

Why Wholesale
See Our International Pricing - All Countries Outside USA

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